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"Toni was a sensitive and encouraging support. She showed great insight into my state of mind and personality."

"Toni was excellent and very patient."


People frequently ask at the beginning of counselling or coaching "Will it work?" or "Can you help me?" These are natural concerns. There is, of course, no guarantee that counselling or coaching will be successful because this is dependent on many factors. However, usually most people find it very helpful and to give an indication of other people's reactions please see the Testimonials below.

The following are examples of some comments made at the end of work with Toni (they are anonymous and certain specifics have been excluded to protect client confidentiality). Please note that they represent a small sample of the issues Toni works with - for full list of issues covered please click on Counselling for Private clients or Career and Life Coaching:

Panic attack sufferer avoiding "closed in places" after a course of CBT therapy.
"I used to be too frightened to go on trains and the underground, or drive through long tunnels or go on planes. I was terrified that I would lose it and lash out at people. Now I can travel anywhere and I even flew to a business meeting and I didn't even think about it."

Panic attack sufferer avoiding many places including shops and restaurants - after a course of CBT therapy -
"I go into restaurants and shops now. I actually don't think about it at all now, but I am no longer worried because if I felt myself getting upset, I know I can just use all the techniques you taught me."

Panic attacks - getting terrified when giving presentations and talking at meetings - after integrative therapy including CBT -
"I am giving presentations to groups and even enjoying it, and I can sleep the night before giving a presentation. I am not freezing when people ask for my opinions at meetings any more, I can think and speak quite confidently."

Assertiveness - after integrative therapy including CBT -
"I never liked to say anything in case I upset people and I used to think you shouldn't have to make a fuss, people should just treat you properly. But I've realised that it is down to me and I think differently now and I am much more confident to say things now."

PTSD sufferer after being set on fire - after a course of CBT and EMDR -
"I feel like I have graduated with a distinction. I don't get agitated when driving the car and I don't get any flashbacks, or hear the bang any more. And I don't feel angry anymore with my kids and they have noticed it. I'm back like I used to be, but better, I feel excited and ready to really begin to take on my life. Its like a new beginning."

PTSD following a Road Traffic Accident - after a course of CBT
"When you said I would be driving my car again I didn't believe you, but I can drive anywhere now and I am okay as a passenger. And I've even managed to get on a plane and fly a long haul flight".

Expert Witness - Medico-Legal Reports
"You are one of our top A rated Experts and whenever we get clients in your area you are the first person we contact"

Insurance, EAP and Rehabilitation providers
"The feedback we get from clients on you is always very positive"
"The feedback on your work with clients at company X was excellent (during a trial run) and you have helped us to get the new contract"
"Many thanks for this prompt Report and Excellent intervention. We regard this as one of our best success stories and overall, our success with cases like this, will hopefully help me to develop more business in our sales drive. Thank you again for your brilliant work - you are a highly valued member of our network."

Career and general Coaching
"Many thanks for all your support and coaching - it certainly paid off! "
"Thank you very much for your help and support. Your help has been invaluable."
"Toni, you are a good listener, and were able to be very constructive in identifying avenues of opportunity. "
"Just to say thank you for your advice and help which always lifts my spirits's the beginning of my journey to understanding and discovering myself and I owe that to you."
"Toni's style was excellent "
"Toni was brilliant"
"Toni's positive feedback, "pushy" and motivating attitude helped to energise me.
"Thanks for everything once again. It was great to work with you and I very much appreciated your help."
"Toni was great, very personable, approachable and friendly"
"Thank you again for your help, I found it sooooo... useful on several levels"
"Toni - Thank you for all your help. You certainly gave me some good guidance and ideas. You looked at things from a very different viewpoint and it was very, very useful. I enjoyed the giggles and the passion we debated things with, too!"
"Many thanks for all your help and encouragement - I couldn't have done it without you."
"I found our recent face-to-face session exceptionally therapeutic, and it seemed to be just what I needed. It had knock-on effects that I've been feeling ever since. I never really realised how much I needed to be told 'it's okay', and how such a simple thing would lead to a tremendous unravelling of layers of 'it's not okay' that have presumably been building up for my whole life.
"Thank you so much for your invaluable help, I really mean it ! You have been hugely helpful.."
"Your advice has been very helpful and insightful, forcing me to think hard about what I wanted to do. In particular getting me networking effectively has been a major step forward and I feel much more confident about continuing with this."
"I wanted to thank you for all your help - I know there was an awful lot of teeth pulling for you. You were so patient with me and I really don't think I would have got this far without your help. So a very big thank you - I really enjoyed working with you (hope you felt the same!!!)"
"Thank you so much for all your support and advice over the last few months. It was enormously helpful."
"I must thank you for all the work you did in coaching me over recent months. It certainly sharpened up my approach. Thanks also for your support and encouragement which helped me to believe that I still have lots to offer."
"Definitely enjoyable and motivating - very worthwhile exercise - thanks Toni"
"It was a pleasure to work with you and I found the whole process most helpful."