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" The feedback on your work with clients at xyz company was excellent and you have helped us to get the new contract. "

EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes)

Toni has been seeing clients for a number of major EAP providers since she started practising as a Chartered Psychologist. She works both as an assessor, conducting initial assessments and recommending appropriate treatment, and also as a counsellor. She is used to optimizing time with clients who have short term time limited services available to them. She has counselled clients from all sectors and at all levels, from shop-floor to senior management, across all sectors and from many different cultures. Toni believes in evidence based practice and as well as using psychometric measures such as BAI, BDI at the beginning and end of therapy, she also uses CORE. She has professional indemnity insurance.
Please call on 0208 654 9035 or 07786 935 554 or email for further details.